Get Your Votes In Before Time Runs Out!

This is a reminder post for a couple of opportunities for Knuckleballers to participate in! Afterall, it’s an off-day (much necessary for both team & fans) so what else do you have to do? It’s not like we have lives, right?

First, don’t forget to put in your guesses to win this amazing collectible memorial for Kirby Puckett. I’ll happily ship it to you if you win! We are coming up on the big 100,000 visitor mark far more quickly than I would ever have guessed.

See the original post to submit your vote so that we have all the contest guesses in one place!


AND we can’t forget to go support Lindsay in the MLB FanCave! Having her there has definitely given us all sorts of entertaining moments in Twins games that are somewhat lacking in that particular feature lately. Gotta love the bullpen doing the shark thing just to say hi to her during games!

Go VOTE and make sure we keep her around!