Postgame Interview

Here’s a transcript of a part of the postgame interview that didn’t make the public broadcast because it started a little early.. thought you would like to see this part of the conversation.

Reporter: Being part of a No-Hitter in baseball is a memorable thing right?

Gardy: Sure but I don’t think it’s a memory any of them want to keep. I’m pretty sure they all went to bed last night hoping they’d wake up this morning thinking it was all a dream… or maybe a nightmare. A year ago we watched a No-Hitter from the other side of the boxscore and I think everyone enjoyed that a lot more.

Reporter: It’s early to be scoreboard watching but it’s hard to see that last place position and not wonder how it’s affecting them.

Gardy: Of course we all know they’re struggling. Is this what any of them expected this season to start like? No. Have we seen this before? Sure. Yeah, it’s frustrating but I just have to ask them to stay with it.

Reporter: So do you think they can make a comeback?

Gardy: oh, of course. It’s early in the season. For all the struggles, we are only 7 games back. We’ve seen this before and it’s not insurmountable… just have to stay with it, keep battling, They’ve shown a lot of heart to stay with it so far and just have to keep at it.

Reporter: What is the overall health situation?

Gardy: At this point, we don’t have any new injury reports but of course, our main focus is to keep anyone from injuring themselves. We realize that’s always a possibility but we are a little more concerned right now simply because everyone’s tired. They’ve pushed themselves a bit more and no one is used to the time zone change yet. When you get tired to this level, of course you worry more in these circumstances that someone is going to hurt themselves. We hope that doesn’t happen and are recommending that they all enjoy this off-day, get some rest, think about something other than baseball for awhile and try to get their focus back…

Reporter: Ok, enough about the fans, let’s talk about the team….

I think that says it all folks…