St. Paul Saints Opening Day!

There is other baseball to watch in the Twin Cities! We are actually a blessed community to have options. So if & when you are frustrated with watching the Twins at points during the season – and even if you’re not! The Saints make a great show of 9 innings in addition to the ballgame. And the Saints actually made it to the playoffs last year.. and took it all the way through Championship only to lose out in the last possible game.. I’m hoping for one game better this year!


Since the Season Opener is at home, they have a GREAT week of activities planned for all the fans that show up to enjoy this great May weather. This is all after a fun week of exhibition activities that culminated in the World’s Largest Game of Catch yesterday where the team mascot was introduced to the public.. in case you don’t already know, the Saints pick a little piggy to represent them until roasting time at the end of the season. This year is breaking tradition just a bit! They have Co-Mascots this year.

Introducing Kim LARDashian and Kris HAMphries!

Better news is that their union will actually last longer than their namesakes.. *snort*

There are a LOT of other things going on this week that you would love to be a part of!

Tickets are so affordable, you can bring the whole family!

BTW, in other news from this years legislative discussions regarding stadium funding, the Saints were also at the capitol looking for some funding to move from Midway to a new home base in Lowertown, St. Paul. They certainly don’t have the weight to throw around that the Vikings or Twins do nor are they looking for anything like the amount of money as the big boys.. And the news at this point is that while they did not receive any direct funding, they most likely are eligible to apply for an economic development grant to fulfill their needs. That will take some more time to work out but I’m sure that further announcements will come later.

Until then, as old as it is, Midway is a fun place to watch a baseball game and I hope you all will make an attempt to go out and join the fun!

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