The Saints Come Marching In..

I always love to give Twins fans an option to think about other baseball when our team has an off day. So for all you locals, if you aren’t hitting the Cubs games this weekend, think about hitting up the Saints!

They have some really fun activities going on over at Midway Stadium.

and I think Andrew and I are even going to participate in the event on Saturday with a couple friends – really hard to talk him into participating in an event that involves beer..

They also will have a whole bunch of family activities for the Sunday game to bring the kids for.

And just in case you also want to add beer to your event but can’t be around this weekend, check out the game on Monday night!

5 Replies to “The Saints Come Marching In..”

  1. I hope that the “live German cannon shooting” takes place separately from, and is operated independently of, the “unlimited samples of 20+ Minnesota craft beers.”

    You have to love minor league baseball — you can’t beat the prices, and God help you if you are not entertained at the end of the day.

  2. Seriously? $35 for an outfield seat to an Independent League game? I don’t care what free crap you can get, it still is way way too much. And I just checked their regular prices… $20 and $16 regular price IF seats? Gee. Highway Robbery.

    To give you an example, AAA seats around here in a metro area are $12-15 dead smack 1st row in right behind the catcher. The same seats in AA ballparks are about $10-12. And most places have parking either free or up to $2.

    The Saints’ level of competition is below that, so they should be priced in the single digits…

    Scary that there are people watching them. Were there a AA or AAA team in or around town they’d be out of business pretty fast.

  3. I saw the price thing too, thrylos, and thought that’s a lot higher than what I pay in Cedar Rapids for the Kernels (highest priced singe game ticket: $11… first 5 rows around the infield bowl).

    But when you think about it, there’s probably a pretty simple explanation. Affiliated teams don’t have to pay their players. That cost is picked up by their MLB affiliate. I would assume independent league players are paid even less than players “owned” by MLB teams (though that would seem to be pretty hard to do, given how little even most affiliated minor leaguers get paid).

    It would be real interesting to compare the books of, say a Midwest League affiliated team, and an indy league team like the Saints. In the end, though, it’s a free market and teams will generally charge whatever the market will tolerate.

  4. Admittedly, I didn’t balk at the price.
    For me, beer + cannon = priceless.

    I agree, though , thrylos, $20 and $16 is a little pricey for a normal game. My season seats for the Rock Cats are $12, about 4 rows behind home plate, and when I attend other games and get seats on top of the home dugout, those are $15.

  5. $35 isn’t that much for three and a half hours of craft beer and a ticket to the game. If it were a beer fest with only 11 breweries, that would be pricey. If it were just an independent league baseball game for $35, that would be very expensive. Both things together… I think that is a winner. You can do a lot of damage with those unlimited samples in 3 1/2 hours. Trust me.