The Late Great Harmon Killebrew

For those going to the Twins games during the next three days, you will get a special treat. Starting today, on the main concourse inside gate 34, there will be a display of Harmon Killebrew’s personal memorabilia collection. It may be your last chance to see some of these items – unless you take one of them home!

All these items will go up for auction in Kansas City during the All-Star Game on July 10th.

It makes me wonder if the auction is actually going to be DURING the game or if the players who are going will miss their chance to get some of the items. I’ll have to check on that…

At any rate, YOU will actually have the opportunity to bid on these items as well. There are three different ways you could participate:

  1. by Phone at 610-524-0822
  2. Online at 
  3. or you could GO Live in person at the July 10th Auction in Kansas City

If you check out the auction site, they have some other auctions baseball fans might be interested in as well but Harmon, yeah, his personal collection seems like an awfully special category. And if like me, buying more stuff just isn’t on your ToDo list, you can still check it all out at Target Field!