All Star Break Fun & Games!

BREAK TIME! After last night’s marathon game that ended so badly (and so late), I think Minnesota fans and players alike could definitely use the game vacation.

However, that doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy some fun anyway.

Not long ago, ERolfPleiss reviewed the biography of Harmon Killebrew by Steve Aschburner. THEN he sent it to me!! I’m so excited that I put down the book I was reading and have started it. We here at Knuckleballs would like you to be able to do the same thing! The folk over at Triumph Books have offered to provide copies of the book as prizes for any contests we care to run – which means it’s time to have one.

So I got this idea while hearing Steve interviewed on 1500 while he was in town for a book signing. If you want to listen to the interview itself, I highly recommend it. Go here and listen to Hour 2 on July 2nd.

As conversation proceeded, they discuss the fact that the forward is from Jim Thome who many say is often compared as the “Harmon Killebrew” of this generation because he is universally liked and considered the epitome of Gentleman Baseball. One question asked of Steve stood out to me. They ask him if now that he’s done Killer’s biography, if he’d consider doing one for Thome and if so, would he call it Ultimate Slugger II??

Gotta say boys over at 1500 – that’s just not a great title even if it might be appropos of something.

So here’s what I want from our readers for this contest:

Give us your best shot at what you would title a biography of Jim Thome. Leave your answers in the comments. You may offer as many suggestions as you like and you may comment on other suggestions. However, if you offer multiple suggestions, I will have you pick just one as your final submission. Deadline for submissions will be noon 6 pm on Wednesday, July 11th.  Then we’ll take all our submissions and put them into a user poll to be voted on by all the members of Knuckleballs! The highest vote getter will win a free copy of Harmon’s biography, Ultimate Slugger. If necessary, we’ll run a tie-breaker.

I am really intrigued to see what a bunch of creative/reader/writer people can come up with! Have at it folk!

7 Replies to “All Star Break Fun & Games!”

  1. I’ll suggest what I have always secretly thought his nickname SHOULD have been in the first place… “The Thominator”

    Yes, it’s so out of character for such a nice guy, but that’s just the same kind of irony that “Killer” applied to Killebrew.

  2. Mashin’ Taters was my first thought.

    How about, This Can Only End One Way!!!

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