GameChat – 2012 All Star Home Run Derby, 7:05pm


In a return to the form we all know and love so well, TC Bear has managed yet another victory amid his mascot colleagues. I don’t think we Twins fans really appreciate how hard that bear works to represent Twins baseball at its finest. Can you imagine trying to hit baseballs with paws not to mention that limited field of vision???

We just want to say CONGRATS and THANK YOU for all your hard work.

And now that we have the important stuff covered, we’re ready for the other Home Run Derby. If you’re planning to watch it, you can hang out and chat with others!

Participant RD1 RD2 RD1&2 FINALS
Fielder 5 11 16 12
Bautista 11 2 13 7
Trumbo 7 6 13
Beltran 7 5 12
Gonzalez 4 4
McCutchen 4 4
Kemp 1 1
Cano 0 0

Here’s the way things went down! Prince Fielder just KILLED the competition this year. He’s officially the first player ever to win the HR Derby representing both the NL & AL Leagues. Interestingly enough, both of his Derby wins were also in Missouri – one in St. Louis, one in Kansas City. Congrats Mr. Fielder!


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