Was It Really 25 Years Ago?

Yes, it was.

Twenty-five years ago, to the day, as a matter of fact.

(Photo: Minnesota Twins)

For some of us, it doesn’t seem that long ago, but many other current Twins fans have no memory of it whatsoever. Speaking only for myself, it was perhaps the happiest moment of baseball fandom I’ve ever experienced (though the Game 163 vs. the Tigers, which I attended in person with family and friends has to be a close second).

I could drone on about how close or how far away the current Twins are from bringing another such moment to Twinsville, but today I choose to simply smile and say, “thank you,” to Kirby, Hrbie, TK and everyone else who brought us that moment in time.

– JC

One Reply to “Was It Really 25 Years Ago?”

  1. Amen. I remember when we were down 3-2, andthe national press was showing the Twins working out back at the Dome. They were so laid back, I couldn’t believe it. They seemed less nervous than me! Much different than the Vikings seemed in the lead ups to their Super Bowl losses. That was when I thought, holy smokes, maybe Minnesota can win a championship trophy.