birthday balls

¬†Hey Knuckleballers! Our very own ERolfPleiss has a birthday today!! So I wanted to be sure that we are all able to wish him a grand birthday and of course, since he’s a Twin, his brother BaseballPirate is also celebrating today.

I hope they have a great day and the whole next year!

4 Replies to “Happy BIRTHDAY!!”

  1. The day was grand, every year I get small percentage points closer to being as old as Eric. He currently sits just 15 minutes ahead of me, a gap he’s been unable to increase over the span of 28 years. Watch your back Rolf, I’m almost as old as you now

  2. Just imagine, guys… when you’ve DOUBLED your current age, 28 years from now, you’ll climb up to where I’m at now. Let’s hope you’re both doing something more rewarding with your lives than blogging about baseball! Imagine how pathetic it would be to be 56 years old and posting rants about the Twins on a blog several times a week!