Sunday Morning Comic Relief (in person – advance warning/invitation)

offseason baseball

Since it’s currently Winter – that means we are all starved for good baseball/baseball conversation. That is where TwinsFest comes in handy.. We here at Knuckleballs would love to get together with all of you but not all of us can go to the Huberts/Twins Daily event…

So we are proposing a bit of The Hair of the Dog for those of you who enjoy your Saturday evening – perhaps too much. Enjoy a little personal comedy as a break to the cold northern winter!

KL, CB & JC will drown our sorrows at the absence of ERolf in a bloody mary or two and you are welcome to join us! Here’s the plan:

Champps – 10:00 am

2401 W. 7th St.
St. Paul, MNĀ 55116

(click the address for a map)

please RSVP – either here or on twitter – so that we know how many people to save places for (if you must drop in and surprise us, we’ll take it but you have to sit on someone’s lap!)