The Knuckleballs Experience – A Refresher!



I think all Twins fans can be pretty happy with how the season has started so far! Yay for baseball!

But after a couple questions and for the sake of all the newbies who haven’t spent a season with the crew here at Knuckleballs, I thought a little review of what you can expect to find on any given day might be helpful!


We have four “blog operators” here at Knuckleballs: CapitalBabs, JimCrikket, KL and Erolfpleiss. The bulk of the material you will find here (photos included) is likely the creation of one of those four people. We occasionally have a guest poster – we like those so if you feel you have something you would like to contribute to our little community, let us know.

We started this blog to provide a place for Twins fans to gather, get to know each other and hang out – much like you would at your local bar. What makes that possible is for EVERY regular season game, we will put up a GameChat.

GameChats start with pregame notes and lineups being posted between an hour to a half hour before the game. We try to be VERY helpful about pointing our participants to additional resources so the players names in the lineups are linked to their individual stat profiles from MLB. That way you can check out the stats of any players you aren’t familiar with.

Also included is a chat window which is completely free and open for fans to participate in live, ongoing conversations during the game! Just as you’d likely expect, the conversation will likely center around the game… unless it’s not especially conversationally worthy and conversation will go wherever – just like at your favorite bar. And also like your bar, folk watching the game have some entertaining superstitions – sometimes we create our own. However, when our boys pull off a win, EVERYONE in the room gets a chance to vote for who they believe got the team that sometimes elusive W. We call that lucky designee our Boyfriend of the Day – BOD. This is a very special title – we will frequently award other worthy players during the game with various prizes assigned by the chatroom for good performances but BOD is pretty much our highest honor.

Once the game is completed, one of the blog operators will remove the chat window and put up the box score linked to the MLB stat log for that game as well as any closing comments or descriptions of the game that seem important. This provides you, as a fan, an opportunity to catch up with any games you may have missed in whole or in part. Especially if you aren’t local to other Twins fans, this is a great way to find some community to enjoy while following your favorite team. (basically, any time you see red text, it’s a link to something – check it out.)


We have a lot of other information that gets posted here in addition to Twins team info. We like to keep an eye on the minor league affiliates as well as the independent team in MN and whatever else strikes the fancy of a group of baseball/sports fans. So keep your eyes open – you never know WHAT we might post that day.


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GameChats are NOT the only special feature posts here either. Erolfpleiss posts a podcast called “Talk to Contact” a couple times a week. They really aren’t to be missed. Most Sunday mornings, you will find a Comic Relief post – usually baseball oriented but not always – just for general entertainment in cartoon or video form. JimCrikket’s “evil twin”, SD Buhr, is also the newest beat writer for, covering the Cedar Rapids Kernels – the Twins newest minor league affiliate so he regularly will post special Kernels posts following the exploits of our minor leaguers.


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GameChat – Twins @ Orioles #3, 12:35pm

Ok, a bit of roster news that you may have already heard but then again, maybe not. Officially this morning, the Twins brought up Anthony Swarzak and Pedro Hernandez and put Cole DeVries on the DL while optioning Tyler Robertson.

Swarzak is maybe not 100% yet from my read of the situation since he just got his wisdom teeth removed and had to deal with a gum infection on top of it. But apparently he’s still able to play. Who knew.

Let’s see what the boys have for us today!



Hicks, CF Markakis, RF
Mauer, C Machado, 3B
Willingham, LF Davis, C, 1B
Morneau, 1B Jones, Ad, CF
Doumit, DH Pearce, DH
Plouffe, 3B Hardy, SS
Ramirez, W, RF Reimold, LF
Dozier, 2B Teagarden, C
Florimon, SS Casilla, A, 2B
  Hernandez, P   Hammel, P

With their win today the Twins have improbably won their first two series of the year and are sitting at 4-2 heading into the second week of the season.  The Twins played another enjoyable game this afternoon.  Pedro Hernandez made a spot start for the injured Cole De Vries and while he didn’t pitch great, he pitched five innings, and while he gave up three runs in the bottom of the second, throwing more than a third of his 83 pitches, he was otherwise effective against the Orioles lineup.  The Twins picked up a pair of runs in the third inning on a flyball that Adam Jones lost in the sun, then tied the game and eventually took the lead on an Aaron Hicks RBI single in the seventh.  Anthony Swarzak made his first appearance of the year, pitching an inning and a third, and Brian Duensing, Jared Burton, and Glen Perkins finished off the game for a come from behind four to three victory.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 R H E
Minnesota 0 0 2 0 0 0 2 0 0 4 4 1
Baltimore 0 3 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 3 7 1

For his efforts in the spot start, the Knuckleballs chatters and myself have selected Pedro Hernandez as the Boyfriend of the Day, with some milk and cookies for the bullpen as well.

Pedro  Hernandez is everyone's boyfriend today! (Bruce Kluckhohn/Minnesota Twins-Getty Images)
Pedro Hernandez is everyone’s boyfriend today! (Bruce Kluckhohn/Minnesota Twins-Getty Images)