The 10 Commandments for the Ballpark – Part I

Yes, this is a re-release. No, I didn’t pull any George Lucas tricks or what have you to give it better effects and charge you more money – this will cost you the exact same price it did 3 years ago when I originally posted it:

Nada (unless it costs your pride a little to admit that you’ve broken a commandment or two).

Since the new season has started and since the boys are coming back to play here at home, I thought I would see how many people are in need of gentle reminders of how things would work If Babs Ran The Park. 😉 It came out in several installments due to the length and I decided to maintain that breakdown so here is Part 1 in all it’s original… um.. glory.

I have thought of doing this for literally YEARS.  In fact, KL and I have discussed the possibility that it would be a great marketing idea for the Metrodome to do Twins roster baseball cards with the players on the front and a commandment on the back!  Yeah, we aren’t in the Dome anymore so we thought, “what a great way to kick off a new park – make sure people know how to behave…”   That doesn’t seem to be a focus for the facility folk at this point.  They might have a few other things that are more important to think about though.  And then the girls over at Babes Love Baseball did a post on baseball etiquette.  They are nice girls and really presented a way to make everyone’s overall ballpark experience more pleasant.

 Let’s be honest here.  I’m not that “nice”.  I mean it.  I’m regularly tempted to slap someone at each and every baseball game I attend.  (I don’t because that would break several commandments)  But as one fan to another, seriously, there are things you should know!!!  I’ll get lots of arguments from people who LIKE to break certain commandments.  You know who you are.  You know deep in your baseball heart that you are going to a place that others wouldn’t – all our actions are choices at that point.  But know that we know that you know!

Baseball Game 10 Commandments

  1. Thou shalt respect thy team.

I’m a firm believer in the concept of ‘praise in public, criticize in private’ although I will admit that even I occasionally get caught up in a moment involving a little brother.  Still…

The first and foremost commandment is Respect Your Team!!  You are there to see baseball with hopefully a large number of others.  This is a privilege!  Privileges can be lost when they are not earned.  All other commandments stem from this concept.  Pay attention to the game.  Cheer your team’s players – even if you do not particularly like that one guy.  DO NOT BOO YOUR OWN TEAM.  Leave that for the fans of the visiting team.  If you must comment on the particular failings of a player – and we all have them – bring someone to the game with you to share that with in a quiet conversation.  The general public doesn’t care about your opinion.  If you REALLY think the general public needs to know something that only you know, there are innumerable blogs, twitter, Facebook or wherever with which to do so.

This turned out to be an IMMENSE post so I divided it into parts for better absorbtion.  Please, watch for the continuing installments and contribute your thoughts!