GameChat – Twins @ Tigers, 6:08

A 6:08 start time? Seriously? What’s up with that? Is there a prize for starting two minutes before every other game in the Eastern Time Zone?

Weird starting time aside, it’s pretty hard to look at these line ups side by side and see a lot of reason to hope the Twins will win a game in this series. On the other hand, neither Diamond nor Porcello tend to walk many guys, so maybe the game will at least be relatively fast-paced.

Speaking of the Twins’ line up, where the heck is Oswaldo Arcia? Has he started a game at all since last week? I guess I just don’t get the logic of having a kid on the roster if he’s just going to sit.

Anyway, here are the line ups:




Carroll, 3B Infante, 2B
Mauer, C Hunter, To, RF
Willingham, LF Cabrera, M, 3B
Morneau, DH Fielder, 1B
Doumit, RF Martinez, V, DH
Parmelee, 1B Peralta, Jh, SS
Dozier, 2B Tuiasosopo, LF
Hicks, CF Pena, B, C
Florimon, SS Garcia, A, CF
  _Diamond, P   _Porcello, P
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 R H E
Minnesota 0 1 4 0 0 0 1 0 0 6 12 0
Detroit 2 0 0 0 1 0 3 1 x 7 15 1

I’m not sure where to even start to rant about this game.

Josh Willingham hit two home runs.

The Twins have won none of the three games in which Willingham has hit more than one home run as a Twin.

Jared Burton had never gotten more than four outs in any appearance as a Twin.

He has now. However, he didn’t get that fifth out until he had given up the lead to the Tigers.

According to a Tweet from Jim Mandelaro out in Rochester, PJ Walters has been told he’s being called up by the Twins to pitch this weekend.

I wish him well. We’ve seen some bad pitching in a Twins uniform over the last couple of years, but I can’t recall a Twins pitching staff any worse than this one. I’d like to give the front office the benefit of the doubt and say it couldn’t have been predicted. However, pretty much nobody who ISN’T a part of the Twins organization is surprised.

It would just be nice if those inside of the organization begin to act like they’ve noticed now. Maybe promoting Walters and Sam Deduno are indications that realization has begun to occur.