GameChat – Indians @ Twins #2, 7:10 pm

The good news is that Oswaldo Arcia’s MRI apparently showed no damage and he’s back in the lineup for the Twins.

I know these games are pretty meaningless for Twins fans and for the Twins players, too, for that matter, but they are far from meaningless for the Tribe. They’re still in a three-team race for two wild card spots. Remember when the Twins brass said before the season that they wanted to be playing meaningful games in September? Well… OK… this isn’t what I had in mind, but I guess they’re meaningful games to someone.

A reminder that Saturday’s game has been moved to a noon start.

I think there’s a busload of fans from Cedar Rapids scheduled to make the trip up to Minneapolis for the Saturday game. I was thinking about signing up for it at one time, but I’m really glad I didn’t now. That’s going to be an EARLY morning departure tomorrow. Anyway, if you see a bunch of people in Kernels gear tomorrow, be nice to them, they will have had a long day already by the time that game starts.

I’m on my way out for food, drink and maybe even a movie. But here are the lineups for tonight’s game.

– JC



Brantley, LF Presley, CF
Swisher, 1B Dozier, 2B
Kipnis, 2B Doumit, RF
Santana, C, DH Arcia, DH
Raburn, RF Pinto, C
Cabrera, A, SS Plouffe, 3B
Gomes, Y, C Parmelee, 1B
Aviles, 3B Mastroianni, LF
Stubbs, CF Florimon, SS
_Kluber, P   _Hernandez, P, P
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 R H E
Cleveland 4 3 0 0 2 0 0 1 2 12 17 0
Minnesota 0 0 0 1 2 3 0 0 0 6 11 0

It sure seems like whenever the Twins get good pitching, the bats are quiet, and when the offense is in the mood to score runs, the pitching sucks. The latter apparently was the case Friday night.