Episode 63: Winter Meetings Edition

Episode 63 of the Twins baseball podcast, Talk To Contact (@TalkToContact), is now available for download via iTunes or by clicking here.


This week we delve into the winter meetings, or rather, we get together and speculate wildly about things that may or may not happen. Will Bronson Arroyo or Mike Pelfrey end up in a Twins uniform in 2014? What about Stephen Drew? We also attempt to discuss the moves other teams are making around the league. Later on we attempt to give Joe Mauer a nickname, but despite many great submissions we never settle on something we can all agree on. Finally we take an in depth look at Twins prospect Lewis Thorpe.

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One Reply to “Episode 63: Winter Meetings Edition”

  1. Good show guys.

    I just wanted to say there’s one area where you totally lose me. When you talk about guys like Arroyo or Pelfrey “taking innings away from young guys,” I could not disagree more right now. It’s time for this team to start putting the best guys they can acquire on the field right now and not worry about which young player might be getting blocked. It’s time to start winning games again. Some of these guys have had 2-3 years to prove themselves. If they don’t want playing time taken away from them by older, veteran players, here’s an idea: Don’t suck when you get on the field!

    Ryan is looking at the Pelfreys and Arroyos because the young pitchers you’re so concerned about losing innings have stunk the place up when they’ve been given a chance.