Hello 2014! Happy New Year!


2013 is now officially behind us. All the disappointments of the last baseball season, the frustrations with management and the starting roster we’re used to seeing for that matter are all officially in the past of “last year”… that being said, this is the day when we as a culture seemingly are addicted to saying what one thing we want to do better.

So I’m curious. What baseball related resolution have you made? What one resolution do you think the Twins should make?

And of course, we all realize that resolutions rarely make it 3 months into the new year so congrats to any and all resolutions that actually make into the start of baseball season.

MY resolution is: See a minor league game in person. (that gives me plenty of time to work on it).

Your turn!

2 Replies to “Hello 2014! Happy New Year!”

  1. I thought you were a big Saints fan, Babs. They’re a minor league team, right? Just independent. But if you want to get more specific and say you resolve to see the KERNELS this summer, that’s good!

    My resolution is almost a cliche, but I really need to do something about losing some weight and getting in to better physical shape. I’ve had a pretty good life, so if it ended tomorrow, I would have no cause to complain. That said, I’d rather it not end as soon as it’s likely to if I don’t make some changes.

    As for the Twins, I’d simply like to see them resolve to compete using the same tools other teams do, whether it’s the use of free agency, taking advantage of more statistical analysis or any other approach that their competition utilizes to win baseball games. It’s time to modernize the operation. They seem to perhaps be moving in that direction, but we’ll see.

  2. I suspect CapitalBabs means seeing a team within the MiLB system, which I could sign on for. I’d love to get to a Kernels game! Attending a Rochester Red Wings game a few years ago is one my all-time baseball highlights.

    My top baseball resolution is just to find time and energy for baseball again. My old job had downtime from time to time, which is when I did most of my baseball-related reading and thinking. My new job not only doesn’t have downtime, it’s super busy all the time and mentally exhausting. I’ve had less time and energy for ALL of my hobbies and other life things, but I’m slowly working on re-achieving some balance.