One More Ft. Myers Minor League Photos Post

It’s hard to believe I’ve been in Ft. Myers for almost a month, but come Friday, I’ll be packed up and headed back to Cedar Rapids. In a matter of days, the Cedar Rapids Kernels will be introducing the Opening Day roster and a short time later, they’ll be suiting up to begin their Midwest League season under new manager Toby Gardenhire.

But for now, here are another few (actually, more than a few) final pictures from the back fields in Ft. Myers. I’ve never had anyone tell me I’ve posted too many pictures in a post here, but this may be the post that puts the limit to the test.

I’m hearing that the Twins have released a number of minor leaguers over the past couple of days, but I have not heard or seen a complete list, so it’s quite possible that some of these guys have gotten some bad news since I took these photos. That’s the unfortunate part of the business of baseball.

Travis Blankenhorn (Photo: SD Buhr)
Shane Carrier (Photo: SD Buhr)
Jermaine Curtis (Photo: SD Buhr)
Zack Jones (Photo: SD Buhr)
Levi Michael (Photo: SD Buhr)
Sean Miller (Photo: SD Buhr)
Max Murphy (Photo: SD Buhr)
Brian Navarreto (Photo: SD Buhr)
Williams Ramirez (Photo: SD Buhr)
James Ramsey (Photo: SD Buhr)
Leonardo Reginatto (Photo: SD Buhr)
Brent Rooker gets some instruction at first base from Justin Morneau (Photo: SD Buhr)
Wynston Sawyer (Photo: SD Buhr)
Cody Stashak (Photo: SD Buhr)
Ryan Walker (Photo: SD Buhr)
Tommy Watkins (Photo: SD Buhr)
Jaylin Davis (Photo: SD Buhr)
Tanner English (Photo: SD Buhr)
Stephen Gonsalves with Sean Miller at SS behind him (Photo: SD Buhr)
Caleb Hamilton (Photo: SD Buhr)
Brandon Lopez (Photo: SD Buhr)
Alex Perez (Photo: SD Buhr)
Fernando Romero (Photo: SD Buhr)
Brent Rooker (Photo: SD Buhr)
Ryan Walker (Photo: SD Buhr)
Max Cordy (Photo: SD Buhr)
Colton Davis (Photo: SD Buhr)
Eddie Del Rosario (Photo: SD Buhr)
Taylor Grzelakowski (Photo: SD Buhr)
Blair Lakso (Photo: SD Buhr)
Royce Lewis with the play at shortstop (Photo: SD Buhr)
Jose Miranda (Photo: SD Buhr)
Ariel Monetesino with a safe slide into second base (Photo: SD Buhr)
Ben Rodriguez (Photo: SD Buhr)
Ben Rortvedt (Photo: SD Buhr)
Carson Crites (Photo: SD Buhr)
TJ Dixon (Photo: SD Buhr)
Calvin Faucher (Photo: SD Buhr)
Jordan Gore (Photo:SD Buhr)
Kolton Kendrick (Photo: SD Buhr)
Royce Lewis (Photo: SD Buhr)
Jose Martinez (Photo: SD Buhr)
One of these guys is Seth Stohs of TwinsDaily and the other is Twins IF prospect Jose Miranda. I’ll leave it to you to figure out which is which. (Photo: SD Buhr)
Ariel Montesino (Photo: SD Buhr)
Alex Robles (Photo: SD Buhr)
Yunior Severino (Photo: SD Buhr)
Tyler Wells (Photo: SD Buhr)
Kernels manager Toby Gardenhire and Akil Baddoo (Photo: SD Buhr)
Andrew Bechtold (Photo: SD Buhr)
Trey Cabbage (I really want to know what he’s seeing in that helmet, don’t you?) (Photo: SD Buhr)
Andrew Cosgrove (Photo: SD Buhr)
Joe Cronin (Photo: SD Buhr)
Blayne Enlow (Photo: SD Buhr)
Moises Gomez (Photo: SD Buhr)
Alex Kirilloff (Photo: SD Buhr)
Emmanueal Morel (Photo: SD Buhr)
Jacob Pearson (Photo: SD Buhr)
Robby Rinn (Photo: SD Buhr)
Kadany Salva (Photo: SD Buhr)
Yunior Severino (Photo: SD Buhr)
Carlos Suniaga (Photo: SD Buhr)
Lewis Thorpe (Photo: SD Buhr)
Colton Waltner (Photo: SD Buhr)
Tyler Watson (Photo: SD Buhr)