Who is the BOM and who will be your BOY… friend?

If you’ve been a regular Knuckleballs reader or participant in our live GameChats, you know we hand out a BOD (Boyfriend of the Day) award to the Twins player(s) we determine to be most worthy of the BOD title after each Twins win. If you AREN’T a regular reader or participant in our GameChat, then you’ll just have to take my word for it.

With the Month of May closed out, it’s time to tally up all the BOD awards and announce our BOM (Boyfriend of the Month). Naturally, when the season is over, we’ll be adding things up, hosting a big banquet* for all of our favorite Knuckleballs, Batlings, and anyone else we can convince to share a meal with us, and announcing the first (annual?) Knuckleballs BOY (Boyfriend of the Year… how coincidentally appropriate is THAT acronym?!).

*OK so there may not really be a banquet, but it would be cool to get together and have an adult beverage or two, right?

Anyway, we’ve really been spreading the BOD love around. No single player was named BOD more than three times in May. In fact, no player has earned more than three BOD awards during the entire season, to date! But enough with the suspense. The May Knuckleballs BOM is….

Jason Kubel... our May Boyfriend of the Month!

Jason Kubel!

Yes, not only is Jason our BOM for May, he is also the current leader in the BOY race, with 3 BOD awards.

Justin Morneau, Delmon Young, Nick Blackburn, and Denard Span each had 2 BODs in May (after each was shut out in April). Francisco Liriano had 2 BODs in April, but failed to register one in May (making Frankie he unofficial BOM for April… unofficial because we didn’t start awarding the BODs until halfway through the month and, well, a guy should have to win more than twice to get an honor as prestigous as BOM).

Joe Mauer, Kevin Slowey, and Orlando Hudson each picked up one BOD in each month, also giving them two for the year.

Seven other Twins players have received one BOD award each.

So let the battle be engaged for the honor of Knuckleballs BOY! – JC

2 Replies to “Who is the BOM and who will be your BOY… friend?”

  1. If the Twins don’t pick things up there will be no BODs or BOM for June.
    Hopefully they will get things back in gear in Oakland.