Doc and DY are back!

Both Justin Morneau and Delmon Young are in the line up this morning for the Twins during a “B” game against the Pirates on a back field at the Twins’ complex in Fort Myers, FL.

Justin is back! (Photo: @MinnesotaTwins)

Young is hitting 3rd and Morneau 4th. Morneau is also playing first base. According to Star Tribune reports from the Twins complex, Morneau is expected to get two plate appearances in the game.

Just seeing that Morneau is back on the field in a game might just be the best news to come out of the Twins spring training site thus far.

Let’s hope all goes well and this is a sign of better days ahead for Doc and the Twins!

–  JC

UPDATE: And now, thanks to @MinnesotaTwins, we have visual evidence. What a terrific sight to see!

UPDATED UPDATE: Morneau played four innings in the field and hit a bases-loaded double down the right field line in his second plate appearance. Terrific return for the big Canadian!

6 Replies to “Doc and DY are back!”

  1. Morneau? More like Mor-yes! SO excited!!! It’s awesome to see that familiar batting stance back on the field. I would have done a cartwheel, but those fall under the permanent list of things I shouldn’t do to avoid injury.

  2. I like the way they kind of snuck him in there with no fanfare. Squee! The Doctor is in!

  3. listening to the radio broadcast, Dazzle was saying that Delmon was running around pretty good. Hopefully his foot problem has gone away

  4. I am just glad they let Morneau get in a little game play… now we’ll see how long it goes before they let him do it again.. I am hoping this is part of the symptom tests to see if he gets any again.