The Real AL Central Standings

We all need to feel better, right now. So, here today I present the REAL AL Central Division Standings. We all know the Indians and Royals will be faltering at some point, right? At least that’s our story until they prove us wrong. So that leaves the following as the REAL standings:

Team                            GB

Tigers                           —

White Sox                    1.5

Twins                           2.0

See? Things aren’t so bad! 🙂

– JC

4 Replies to “The Real AL Central Standings”

  1. what makes you think Cleveland will fail. They are way up in the division, have an outstanding bullpen, and they have done all this with their 2 best players… Shin-Soo Choo and Carlos Santana… doing almost nothing.

  2. If I want to make myself feel better about the Twins, if only for a moment, I like to look at the Central standings upside-down. It looks just how most Twins fans expected the season to wind up!

    Seriously, Cleveland also has the best run differential in baseball, so I don’t think we can chalk up their start to a lucky streak. They have a lot of good young talent, at the plate and on the mound, coming together this year. Plus, Hafner and Sizemore are healthy and doing their thing. If they don’t run away with the division by July, which is looking likely, I think they’ll still be in it down to the wire.

    Meanwhile, the Twins have a ways to go just to reach mediocrity. And they better start to show a spark soon! If they don’t show signs of quality in the next few weeks, I’m afraid they’ll be pretty well buried.

  3. What makes me think Cleveland will fail? D’uh! They’re CLEVELAND! I know they’ve got good young talent, but I’ll believe they can put it all together for 6 months when they actually do it.

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