A Winner And Some Losers

It may have taken longer than we anticipated, but we finally have a winner in our 1991 Anniversary DVD contest. “Rick” may not have been correct with his prediction of when Joe Nathan would get his record-breaking save, but who cares? It may never happen at this rate. So based on the random selection process we posted Friday morning, Rick is our winner.

Rick, we need you to email us your mailing address so we can pass it along to the good folks who are sponsoring these contests and get your DVDs in the mail to you. Click the “Contact Us” link up above for our email address.

I wish I would have seen a few more winners at the ballgame Friday night, but it was not to be.

I was seated way out down the RF line tonight so the pictures aren’t terrific, but they aren’t nearly as bad as the Twins’ brand of baseball, so I’m not going to apologize too much.

This was the line to get in Target Field at 3 pm... 2 hours before gates opened
My line, around to the back of TF for Gate 14 wasn't nearly as long
The 1991 World Series Champions
Ozzie enjoys a chat with some of the 1991 Twins
Looking for Twins highlights? This is pretty much it. Kubel homered in the 1st inning
Yes, I did get my bobblehead and yes, I opened it.

That’s it for tonight, folks.

Looking forward to a bit better game Saturday night.

– JC

4 Replies to “A Winner And Some Losers”

  1. Jim, it was a pleasure to meet you this afternoon. Sorry the game didn’t go as we would have liked, but I hope you enjoy the rest of your weekend in the Cities.

  2. Likewise, shannon. It caught me really by surprise that you recognized me but I’m glad you did! Friday wasn’t much of a game, but it was great to see all the 1991 players, wasn’t it? The current group could sure learn a thing or two from those guys about playing the game of baseball!

  3. JC, from the number of times you were discussed in the gamechat, my guess is that we might have been a little jealous that you were there and we weren’t – and we were watching the same horrible baseball game! LOL

    I still am entertained that you get recognized considering how seldom you are in the area but I’m amused. Let’s hope they do better today.

  4. and I learned how to do something new on my phone…:)

    But seriously, when the fame starts getting to you just remember those of us who knew you “when”