Our 2nd Knuckle-versary

Two years of Knuckleballs. Who-da thunk it?

A year ago, CapitalBabs wrote about how surprised we all were that 30,000 visited our site in our first year of existence, so you really can’t believe how shocked we are that more than 50,000 more of you people stopped by to see us during our second year!

The Twins blogging community has become an amazing place. It grew to the point where there have been literally dozens of blogs worthy of regular reading. We have blogs by the professional journalists, by people focused on the science and mathematics of baseball, by people who have devoted a good segment of their lives to studying the Twins minor league system, and by people like us who are mostly just doing this blogging thing to provide an outlet for our viewpoints and to have some fun with others in the process.

What’s great is that all of these people with very different backgrounds, talents and viewpoints all come together thanks to a common interest in the Minnesota Twins and a willingness to put themselves and their opinions out there for others to read, enjoy and, yes, often times criticize. But that’s OK. Free and open civil debate is the cornerstone of our country. The number of people willing to open themselves up and participate in that process enhances the experience of being a Twins fan.

The creation of Twins Daily by the TwinsCentric crew is a new and exciting event for Twins fans. It has the potential to be a real “game changer” for the Twins blogging community. I will admit to having a concern that it may become such an overwhelming focal point for Twins fans looking for blogging content that it makes it more difficult for the rest of us to keep our own “lesser” blogs alive. It certainly means we need to step up our game to assure our content is worth the effort for those readers willing to click a few extra keys to come see us. If we prove unable to do that, then our readership will likely drop off and we may find ourselves faced with some difficult decisions.

But that’s something for another day. Today, as we anxiously await the opening of another Twins season, we’re celebrating the fact that we’ve not only survived for two years, but by any measure of our original expectations, we’ve thrived beyond what we could have imagined.

And we have you, our readers, to thank for that. Thank you for your support and we look forward to sharing another Twins season with all of you!

– JC