Carl Pavano’s Incredible Ordeal

Carl Pavano
Carl Pavano

Most of us have heard, by now, that former Twins starting pitcher Carl Pavano had to undergo surgery for a ruptured spleen this offseason and that it happened as a result of a fall while shoveling snow.

Given Pavano’s history with regard to various injuries, his accident led to the expected ducksnorts via Twitter and other social media exchanges.

But click this link and give a listen to this interview Pavano gave on MLB Network Radio in which he goes in to detail on his ordeal. Pavstache went through some pretty scary stuff.

Pavano remains an unsigned free agent and it’s hard telling when he’ll be back on the mound, but given what he went through, I’m just glad he’s still around to even consider making another comeback later in the year.

Join me in wishing Pavano the best of luck on his recovery.

– JC

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