Sunday Morning – Memorial Day

If you saw the rather dramatic ending to the Twins game last night – let’s just call that miraculous – you are taking full advantage of the holiday weekend and pulling some late nights. But I’m going to take advantage of the blog soap box, however short, and reminder what this holiday is about – those we have lost in defense of this country’s pursuits of freedom.


I hope you have the chance to acknowledge that while spending time with your families and a little baseball…

Not the only game in town…

So if you’re a MN baseball fan, this has been a tough spring already. So many people are already tuning out that it’s a crying shame.. BUT, if you really can’t handle it anymore but still need to get your baseball fix, you have OPTIONS!

saintslogoThe St. Paul Saints start their season tonight in beautiful CHS Field. The weather in MN is gorgeous and there is a full weekend of baseball and fun planned to open the season at home.

You can find all the Saints game info on their website: Saint Paul Saints Baseball

photo courtesy of the StarTribute and more details linked in the image

As part of their commitment to a FUN baseball experience, the Saints announced the name in their annual mascot pig competition yesterday – most appropriately pegging an honor to The Artist Recently Departed: Prince.

Meet Little Red Porkette!

May all baseball fans rejoice that the sun has come out in Minnesota…

Knuckleballs Fantasy Baseball League

24250_383241156685_4432115_nOk, folks, it’s that time of year again! Knuckleballs (more precisely, me) runs an EZ League each year. We have 4 open slots for teams to join up.

It’s a FREE Yahoo head-to-head league with an autodraft so you don’t HAVE to know anything in advance but you still have the option to preset your draft rankings according to your own wishes too. That means if you have a friend or loved one that doesn’t know as much about baseball as you do but you’d like to see if you can’t get them to join you in something related, this could be your chance!

I’ll be setting the league to draft at 9 am CT on Monday, March 28.

Use the “contact us” link above to let me know if you want to join in but it’s first come, first served so act quickly!