2015 World Series!


I must admit that while it would have been fun to watch the Cubbies make it all the way, I’m just as intrigued to see the Mets face-off against the Royals. Honestly, I’m more interested in this particular series than I have been for years. I think that just perhaps, I’m not the only one!

Here’s this years post-season schedule: http://m.mlb.com/postseason-schedule

If anyone is interested, speak up now and I might even be talked into putting up a gamechat for tonight’s opener!

Sunday Morning Comic Relief

I really couldn’t be happier by what the Twins were actually able to pull together this year – it was an amazing season accomplished by a bunch of mostly young guys that makes you really look forward to next spring..

But I can’t deny that there is a part of me very sad that this is the last day of our season.. (which wouldn’t be true if it had sucked ..)


Sunday Morning Comic Relief

So getting Brian Dozier into the All-Star game became a bit of a thing .. just in case you missed it. There were some EXTREMELY creative outreaches on social media – especially the last day on Twitter. This was my favorite:


If you really want some more laughter in your day, check out the #VoteDozier hashtag on twitter – you’ll giggle for hours.

Sunday Morning – Memorial Day Weekend

Something for you to think about as you enjoy the long weekend (or even if it’s a normal work weekend for you).

I’ve seen many well-meaning individuals “thank a veteran” much to the great discomfort of said veteran who is thinking of someone else who didn’t come home.

I had one active duty serviceman tell me once that you can thank him on any other day of the year and he’ll buy YOU a cup of coffee.. but on this one day, don’t thank him for somehow being lucky enough to be the one who came home instead of someone else.

That has really stayed with me.

Memorial Day Meme