Crikket in the Club! (A Day in Target Field’s Legends Club)

Armed with tickets in Section C of the Legends Club at Target field, I took in my first regular season game of the year on Saturday. Sure, the game kind of sucked, with the Twins losing to the Orioles in game 1 of the split doubleheader, and the weather was on the chilly side (it has to be chilly for it to sleet, right?), but it was still a great time. I thought this off-day would be a good day to share a few pictures.

Walking up to the ballpark, we were greeted by the new Rod Carew statue (I’d seen the Killebrew and Puckett statues, but this was my first look at Carew’s).

The Rod Carew bronze statue outside Target Field

There are three lounges in the Legends Club.

The Killebrew Lounge is directly behind home plate…

The Killebrew mural inside the Killebrew Lounge

… the Carew lounge is on one side…

The wooden Carew mural above the bar

… and the Puckett Lounge is down the other side.

The wood mural behind the bar in the Puckett Lounge

A few pictures from inside the Legends Club:

Inside the Legends Club looking out toward the field
One of the Legends Club hallways
Inside the Legends Club
The Tony Oliva mural along one wall of the Legends Club
The Hot Chocolate line (mmmm with a little something added) and Hrbek mural
Nice pic above the condiments. (How many can you name?)

In the Puckett, Carew and Killebrew Lounges, there are several display cases filled with each player’s memorabilia (jerseys, shoes, bats and a number of more personal items, including various awards such as gold gloves, silver sluggers and even Puckett’s MVP and World Series rings). The picture of one of the Killebrew display cases below is just one example.

One of the display cases in the Killebrew Lounge (includes his contract below)

Yes, I did actually go sit outside and watch the game. To prove it, I’ll include a couple of pictures from Section C.

The view from row 6 of Section C
Cuddyer thought it was cold, too. Note the earflaps.
Morneau's HR was just about the only Twins highlight of the day.

Finally… can you identify all of these Twins Legends from their lifesize pictures adorning the Legends Club walls?

This Twins Legend served two tours with the club and is still hanging around
This lefty was a cornerstone of the Twins rotation in the 60s
This Twins Legend won an AL MVP award.
The Twins player who "exemplifies determination, hustle, tenacity, competitive spirit and leadership both on and off the field" wins an award named for this Twins Legend

I hope this helped feed your baseball addiction on the second off-day of the week. Tomorrow, the Twins take on the Evil Empire (aka the F’ing Yankees) on the road at the Death Star (aka F’ing Yankee Stadium). Let’s kick some F’ing Yankee butt! – JC

6 Replies to “Crikket in the Club! (A Day in Target Field’s Legends Club)”

  1. So the Legends Club is basically a nice, large airport lounge with Twins memorabilia on display.

  2. Since I’m unlikely to ever get to that particular level of the field – I’m so glad that you shared what’s up there! I’m also glad that on a rainy day of baseball, you had a few ‘distractions’ to keep you warm!

  3. It feels like I’ve spent a good chunk of my adult life in airport lounges and I’ve never seen one that compares in any manner to the Club section of a ballpark or stadium. I have, however, been in comparable sections of a couple of football stadiums and the new Busch Stadium in St Louis and the Twins’ version beats any of the others I’ve seen. When you’re going to a game where the weather could be uncomfortable, whether cold like this weekend or over 100 degrees like it was in St Louis last summer, it’s nice to have some climate control you can escape to for an inning or so. It’s also great when someone in your party if of an age or condition where “braving the elements” isn’t the wisest thing to do all the time. I grant, however, that it’s not everyone’s cup of tea (or chocolate).

  4. Your photos are great, and I am so looking forward to taking my own photos on July 15. I won’t be in the Legends club (*sniff*) but I will be field level!

    I think it is kind of weird that the Twins dugout is on the first base side (and I got tickets on the third base side this time around). I cannot wait to see Minnie and Paul in person! Hope I get to see them shake hands.

  5. Hey, fright! 🙂

    “Nice pic above the condiments. (How many can you name?)”

    Let’s see … Mustard, Ketchup, Relish, and Onions? :p