Friday Hot Dish: Morneau, Captain Morgan… and “heroes”.

I’m never very ambitious or thoughtful on Friday, so it’s a good day to steal other bloggers’ stuff, right? (As has been the case in the past, as I come across additional links worth passing along, I’ll add them to this post.)

Doc, the Captain and the Morganettes.

For example, my morning stop at Twinsgeek’s blog found this picture that, given the discussion among the folks in the GameChat Thursday night, I felt would be of some significant interest around here. It’s very, very good to be Justin Morneau right now (at least until Mrs Doc sees the pic). I’d credit the photographer if I had any idea who it was.

Sarah, over at “Oh, it’s THOSE Girls” has figured out the secret to getting past the Yankees in the playoffs, when that opportunitiy inevitably arises in October. Seems like a pretty simple plan. Let’s hope Gardy is a reader.

There’s been a whole lot of speculation about whether the Twins would consider adding Roy Oswalt (who has asked Houston to be traded) or Cliff Lee (who may be on the block if the M’s continue to suck), but honestly until we get closer to the end of June, I don’t think it’s even worth spending much time thinking about (especially when the Twins’ starting pitching is kind of on a roll at the moment). 

One thing that is very much worth spending time thinking about, as we enter Memorial Weekend is the subject of “heroes”. I had been trying to formulate some thoughts on the subject, but today I found someone so much better at it than I am. Not surprisingly, it was Joe Posnanski. His post on “Heroes” struck a real chord with me so I strongly suggest you give it a read.

Finally, to any and all who are serving the country in the Armed Forces, and to those of you with family and other loved ones in the Service… THANK YOU.