Target Field Fireworks… and a win over the Rays!

Looks like we didn’t get a GameChat posted and we express our apologies to anyone who showed up hoping to chat. According to my family, my seat at tonight’s game was directly in line behind 1B when they used the camera at the LF foul pole so apparently I was on camera every time someone reached first base. Fortunately, they tell me I wasn’t doing anything embarrassing when the camera caught me.

In any event, I hope a few pictures from the postgame celebration will make up for any disappointment (as if a cool 2-1 win shouldn’t be enough, in itself!). – JC

The Twins and their families came out and sat on the grass to watch the fireworks after the game.
The Countdown before the Fireworks
First Oudoor Fireworks at a Twins Home game since... a long time ago.

Delmon is doing a number on his old team mates.

UPDATE: Thanks, Jamar… for reminding us we need a Boyfriend of the Day. We’ve decided Delmon SHOULD have gotten a BOD last night and he certainly was worthy again tonight. Way to stick it to your old team, DY! Scotty Baker and Danny Valencia  are more than worthy of piles of baked goods, as well!

Robby asks DY to comment about his BOD award.

10 Replies to “Target Field Fireworks… and a win over the Rays!”

  1. Seriously? You need to go to ALL of the games.

    If ….”what’s past is prologue” and we know it is : )

  2. *SIGH* I wish I could have gotten away from the family melee to at least assemble the post – I didn’t sit down for a period of about 4 hours without one baby or more in my arms while there was literally no room too walk in my house. Apparently, there were a LOT of people who wanted to wish my dad a happy birthday who wanted to surprise us all with their attendance…. oy. Glad the score was good news now that I finally got to check. Sorry, everyone! I missed you!

  3. Thanks for the reminder, jamar… DY earns the BOD for the way he continues to pound on his former team. Baker and Valencia certainly warranted consideration, as well.

  4. Was there tonight also, we were sitting just feet from where that first pic was taken. What a beautiful night!

  5. I checked in at the beginning of the game, but when I saw no one was here I went out and mowed the grass. Kindly, the Twins waited to score their runs until I was back inside to hear the game . . . Good that they won on Fireworks night . . . It made up for the nightmare that was the Reds/Cubs game Friday afternoon. In the top of the 7th, 13 Reds batted and scored 9 runs on 4 hits, 6 walks, 1 error and a passed ball. And it got worse after that 🙁

    Okay, back to the outdoor chores . . .

  6. I was wondering what the heck our guys were waiting for, Dew. I can’t say I approve of them waiting for you, but at least now I know the reason. As for the Cubs… well… I’ve always felt Cub fans get exactly what they deserve. 🙂

  7. Yeah, could be, twink. I think Delmon is definitely “feelin it” right now. He’s playing regularly, playing well, smiling and laughing with team mates in the dugout, interacting with the fans and generally just having a really good time playing baseball for the first time as a Twin… and possibly the first time since becoming a professional ballplayer. It has been a lot of fun watching him come out of his shell this season.