DY Clinches Boyfriend of the Year Award!

As I tend to do on many mornings, I began my Monday morning browsing through all of the Twins blogs on our blogroll. As always, I found some interesting stuff during my blog-check.

For example, Brendan Harris hadn’t posted anything in his blog for months (can’t say I blame him), but he posted a week or two ago and included a fine rant about the government apparently having grown tired of trying and failing to catch real bad guys while continuing to gun for Roger Clemens. Being prone to ranting myself, I appreciate a good rant, especially when it’s one I agree with.

I found a few pictures of the Twins rookies dressed… strangely... as part of the traditional rookie hazing festivities over at Pat Neshek’s blog.

I also discovered that Seth Stohs from over at sethspeaks.net polled virtually a Who’s Who of Twins Bloggers to conduct a vote on the Twins’ MVP, Twins’ Pitcher of the Year and Twins Rookie of the Year. You should check out Seth’s site to see how everyone voted and maybe even check in with K-bro’s Baseball Blog, North Dakota Twins Fan, Curve for a Strike, TwinsGeek, For the Love of the Game, and probably a few others I’ve missed, for some more detailed explanations concerning how they voted.

While we didn’t receive an official ballot, we’re not going to let a little thing like not being asked keep us from participating. But we do things a little differently here at Knuckleballs (what’s that? You say you’ve noticed?), so rather than have one of us give a rundown of who would have gotten our votes, we’re going to do this based on the only criteria that really matters around here… Boyfriend of the Day awards!

Yes, it’s official boys and girls… since no BOD was awarded in last night’s loss to Kansas City, Delmon Young has mathematically clinched the Regular Season Knuckleballs Boyfriend of the Year Award! DY has collected 14 BOD awards over the course of the season, while no other Twin has collected more than 7. With only six games remaining in the regular season, the regular season BOY award is all Delmon’s. To my mind, that makes him our Most Valuable Twins Player, as well.

I realize that it has once again become fashionable to trash Delmon a bit. but it seems to be pretty easy for some people to forget just how he carried the Twins on his shoulders in mid-season when it felt like he was getting the big hit almost every game. I’m not sure what “Most Valuable” is supposed to mean, but I do feel pretty strongly that without DY’s mid-season onslaught, the standings would look very different right now. Of course, I think you can probably make the same statement at least 10 of Delmon’s team mates this season. It has been a true team effort this year!

Just like the Twins, however, we at Knuckleballs will “play out the season”, continuing to name BODs for each additional win during the regular season AND do something similar for each Twins post season victory. – JC

6 Replies to “DY Clinches Boyfriend of the Year Award!”

  1. A couple of the bloggers who cast ballots in Seth’s poll didn’t even list Young on their ballots (which were to include a voter’s top 8 choices). I simply can not fathom that. The Twins had a lot of guys who had huge contributions this season, but 8 who have been more valuable than Delmon?

  2. WTG Delmon!

    Isn’t data wonderful?! My guess is those folks at the other blogs don’t have a running tally of the MVP/BOD for each win the way knuckleballs does . . . so they have to rely on memory . . . a rather unreliable resource for awarding prizes (being subject to the “who’s done the most for me lately” effect) . . . Totally agree that anyone who doesn’t have Delmon somewhere high on their list hasn’t been paying much attention!

  3. One more thought (for next season) . . . you really should add a static page listing BOD totals for each of the players, so that anyone can check the current totals . . . or if one already exists, post a link to it . . . (yes I know there’s the issue of counting minor pastries and such . . . but if you could count the BODs for this post it should be possible to make a table . . . ­čÖé


  4. That’s a really good idea… wait a minute… did you say “for next season”????

    Nobody told me I had to do this blogging thing again!!!!

    Pardon me while I go check my contract.