The Real Househusbands of MN Sports

This is just a quick post to share an amusing series of unscripted video vignettes from MN team managers – some of the quirky things these guys face in real life with their families! I’m not going to say much – going to let the guys speak for themselves.

I’m really curious as to when these are going to show up and what FSN is planning!

2 Replies to “The Real Househusbands of MN Sports”

  1. Any guy who would agree to go on the air talking about his wife in any way, shape or form is out of his mind. I set the over/under on “things I wish I hadn’t said” for this program an average of 1 per every 5 minutes of air time (If it’s a half hour show, there will be 6 things said that someone’s going to get in trouble for at home, etc.)

    Looks like it has the potential to be quite humorous, though!