Twins Radio Network Affiliates

There’s never a lot of TV coverage of spring training games but I have the gut feeling that there are less planned this year.  Maybe it’s just because I WANT to see live VIDEO more this year tha I have in the past so I’m feeling the lack more strongly.  But since we are almost all stuck to whatever radio coverage we have for every spring training game, I tend to never be very far from my radio.  This has also contributed to a significant level of discussion about the various radio affiliates throughout Twins Territory that I thought I would publish the information that the Twins have out.  It can be surprising for even people that live in various areas outside of the twin cities when they hear that it’s possible they could be getting these games on the radio.

So here’s the connection for those of you without Cable/Satellite access during the season or without during spring training.

Treasure Island Baseball Network Map


I do think it would be kind of nice if we couldn’t start making better in-roads into Iowa.  I wonder how we would go about that….

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  1. I’ve always been able to get Yankton in Omaha. Until they cut their power at 9pm that is. Left me hanging a couple of times. 🙂

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  3. Pirate radio! (Which is different from Pirates radio…I don’t want to hear those games.) We should all watch Pump Up The Volume, then start investing in some equipment!

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