GameChat – Twins @ Angels, 9:05pm

Welcome back Denard Span!!! 😀  I’m not sure I’ve been happier to have a player back from DL in a very long time – especially given how many OF’ers we seem to have up here right now. I wish I had a really good reason for why I think he’s better than the majority we have but I just do. I don’t know why our management makes all the decisions it does but it’s going to have to figure out what to do with the OF glut because I’m sure that Span will be back to his regular position. There is some discussion of moving him around a little bit but we’ll just have to see who isn’t there when he’s playing some other spot.

Here’s an update from the Strib on Morneau – another player I’ll be happy to see come off the DL eventually:

* Justin Morneau has been hitting in the cage but hasn’t been able to do much on the field with all the rain at Target Field. Gardy said the hope is that Morneau will be able to get a full workout on the field Wednesday and then the team will decide whether to send him out to start playing in some games.

The other item of note in tonight’s lineup is listed in the top of the batting order. Yes, Trevor Plouffe is in Gardy’s 2spot/2B hole.. what is it with that anyway? Gotta say I like Plouffe but I don’t have a lot of confidence in taking a guy who is fairly sloppy at worst/inconsistent at best with his fielding in his natural position and sticking him at a new one. Didn’t we try that already once this season with disastrous results? I’m a positive person and I’ll wait and see how he does but.. yeah, good luck Trevor. You’re going to need it.




LA Angels
Span, CF Izturis, M, 3B
Plouffe, 2B Abreu, DH
Mauer, C Hunter, To, RF
Cuddyer, 1B Wells, V, LF
Kubel, RF Kendrick, H, 2B
Thome, DH Trumbo, 1B
Valencia, 3B Aybar, SS
Young, D, LF Bourjos, CF
Nishioka, SS Wilson, Bo, C
  Duensing, P   Santana, E, P
  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 R H E
Minnesota 0 0 0 1 0 0 0 0 0 1 8 0
LA Angels 0 0 1 3 1 0 0 0 x 5 8 0

0 for 9 with runners in scoring position. ’nuff said. – JC