Happy 50K!!!!

Came over to the blog this morning to do a little cleanup work, check on things… pretty normal morning and the little counter on the side read 49,999. I don’t know about you but I thought that was pretty cool! It’s kind of like watching the mileage counter change over in your car. It doesn’t really mean anything other than you’ve spent some time with this now and you’ve passed another milestone together. So, after I did a little other work, I hit refresh and sure enough, it rolled over! 50,000 visitors. Wow.

I guarantee you that when we started this, I never really thought about how many people might actually come share a little corner of the internet with us. And no we aren’t one of the big guys on the net.. it took us a year and a half to hit the big round number. But regardless, we’re pretty happy with it.

Whoever you are who checked the blog from United Healthcare in ¬†Minneapolis (on a Mac, no less) looking for the post about Legends Club??? Yeah, you were the big visitor!!¬† LOL¬† I’d love to give you a prize if I knew who you were but I’m not that kind of computer user. So at the moment, I just say thanks to ALL our visitors for coming and sharing whether you comment, chat or just read.

2 Replies to “Happy 50K!!!!”

  1. Congrats K-Ballers !!! You have to admit that this is a pretty damn good website. The capable K-Ball Team puts in a lot of work to make this a great place to visit.

  2. Just adding my “thank you” to everyone who comes around to check out our site. It has been a lot of fun having a place to express our feelings about the Twins, Major League Baseball, and occasionally other more general topics, and to provide a means to discuss those topics with those readers who care enough to engage us in the comment sections.

    Thanks again!