From the Twins to Fans

We will rally.

It wasn’t exactly the season we had in mind either. Coming off our sixth division title in nine years, we approached 2011 with our sights set on repeating and exceeding. Unfortunately, we fell far short of those expectations. Yes, there were injuries. Yes, there were some heartbreaking losses. But ultimately, this season failed to live up to the high standards of baseball for which the Minnesota Twins organization has become known. And we are just as disappointed as you are. But we promise to use this disappointment to motivate us to a better 2012. We will rally.

This season was not absent of some incredible moments. We cheered future Hall-of-Famer Jim Thome as he blasted his way toward 600 career home runs, a feat matched by only seven other players. We celebrated a Francisco Liriano no-hitter. We marveled at Ben Revere’s over-the-shoulder, Willie Mays-esque catch. We witnessed Joe Nathan return and notch his team record 255th save, And we all rejoiced as Bert Blyleven earned baseball immortality by finally gaining his rightful place in Cooperstown.

But perhaps the most incredible moments were provided by you. As your smiles showed, Target Field continues to be the shining jewel of Major League Baseball. Day in, day out, through wins and losses, snow, sunshine and rain, even hail, you were there – showing off your Twins colors. You proved to all the world that loyalty, indeed, lives in Twins Territory. We are eternally grateful.

So, fans and friends, let’s all turn our hats and rally toward 2012. After all, there are only 139 days until pitchers and catchers report for Spring Training. 

4 Replies to “From the Twins to Fans”

  1. That’s nice, but talk is cheap. With the owner on record saying payroll will “naturally” come down next season, all eyes will be on Bill Smith to see if he can make smarter decisions than last off-season. I want to see the commitment in action, not just words.

  2. I, too, am waiting for action. Nice videos, an email, and an advertisement don’t really do it for me.

  3. That is pretty much enough to make me gag.

    Slogans are fine but you have to have a plan in place for turning the slogans into reality. I’ve been waiting since last fall to see a master plan materialize for moving the Twns to the elite level.

    Unfortunately I don’t think all of their plans relate to marketing not baseball.

  4. OOPS, should have been “I think ALL of their plans relate to marketing, not baseball.”