Twins 2013 Schedule

For the first time in a long time (my memory could be bad), the Twins are actually starting their season at HOME in 2013!! Part of me wonders though since they kick everything off against the Tigers on April Fools’ Day. This could be.. interesting.

That first month is actually very division heavy which I’m a little unused to – we see the Tigers twice, the Royals and the White Sox all in April. We even have our first inter-league play in April against the Marlins. I don’t hate the idea, I just don’t recall that from the past and I’m just unused to it. I’m sure we can all manage.

However, as Reusse pointed out this afternoon, it’s a ridiculously heavy spring and fall home schedule. More than half of our home games take place in either April or September. Really?? When JUNE, JULY, & AUGUST are the most predictably safe weather in Minnesota? I think there are going to be a LOT of season ticket fans pretty unhappy with this schedule especially since it means that a lot of school kids are less likely to be able to attend games… It really seems very odd.

They haven’t established the printable or downloadable schedules for 2013 yet so you have to go visit the website and look one month at a time but if you want to get started on your baseball season planning for next year, here you go!

The Minnesota Twins 2013 Schedule