Minnesota Twins Podcast – Talk to Contact – Episode 7

Episode 7 of the Twins baseball podcast,  Talk To Contact, is now available for download via iTunes or by clicking here.

In Episode 7 my brother Paul and I discuss who we believe are the Twins deserving of the Talk To Contact awards for rookie of the year, starting pitcher, reliever, position player and MVP. We go on to get into the recent coaching changes, prospect talk, beer and post-season predictions.
You can follow Paul on Twitter (@BaseballPirate) or read his writing at the  Puckett’s Pond.


3 Replies to “Minnesota Twins Podcast – Talk to Contact – Episode 7”

  1. After 7 weeks of this podcast, only two things are clear to me. 1) Eric has much better taste in beer than the younger, and arguably more handsome Paul. 2) as detailed in episode 7, neither of you have any skills in prognostication, and I’m not sure if that makes the podcast more or less enjoyable to listen to.

  2. Well played, Beerman. Glad to hear my great beer analysis, such as “beery beer” is resonating with, someone.
    I’m also convinced our predictions cannot get worse, so we will eventually improve!
    I love listening and reading here at Knuckleballs!

  3. The beerman has his facts correct, I am both younger and more handsome than you, however, my beer taste is superior to Eric’s. I enjoy a wide array of beers from the down and dirty cheap nasty beers to the high brow hoity-toity beers and everything in between. I am an adventurous beer drinking if there ever was one. You pour it, I’ll drink it.