Thank You 2012!

Sharing from the Minnesota Twins to all Twins Fans.

Twins NewsDusting off the dirt of 2012 and getting ready for our next at bat.

That’s baseball.

Sometimes you get thrown out at the plate.

Sometimes you throw it over the first baseman’s head.

Sometimes you hit a long fly ball, only to see it get caught at the warning track.

That’s baseball.

It humbles you.

But there’s something else about baseball. Something great.

And that great thing is that tomorrow is a brand-new day. With a brand-new game. With brand-new at-bats.

Strike out one day, grab a 34 oz. piece of redemption, get back in the batter’s box, and whack it out of the park the next.

That’s baseball too.

And that’s our attitude.

Yes, we made errors and struck out.

But our tomorrow begins today.

We’re working diligently to make this team better.

Striving to get back to a level to which we know we’re capable of playing.

We have a strong list of players to build around.

Players who chased batting titles, made head-turning catches, hit towering home runs and emerged from nowhere to pitch solid innings.

We have talent in our farm system.

We have a general manager with a history of winning, who is willing to make tough decisions.

And if our own past has taught us anything, it’s that you can never count out the Minnesota Twins, no matter where they finish the year before.

So as we move toward 2013, we hope you join us in dusting the dirt off our collective uniforms and running full-speed back out onto the field, ready to play ball. We hope you’ll be there with us.

Thank you for your continued support, and we’ll see you next year in Twins Territory.