Fantasy Football 2013

So last year I opened up a couple spots for the “easy league” I run in fantasy football – and we had a good enough time that I thought I would offer two spots again to any new Knuckleball folk that might want to give it a try.

Read a description of our basic league principles here: Last Year’s Invite

We have a good time once baseball season has ended and if you have always wanted to give it a try but never felt comfortable in those high pressure competitive leagues or just want to see how things work, you are more than welcome.

But just because we’re low pressure doesn’t mean that we aren’t still a competitive group – after all, the Beverage Bowl is on the line! We have a traveling trophy for the winner each year!

Beverage BowlThis will be our 7th season playing so we have a lot of names on that trophy now.

If you’re interested in participating, email me at Again, I’m offering up 2 spots and I’ll fill them first come, first served.