Happy Opening Day 2018!

It’s finally here. REAL baseball that counts in the standings is finally happening today!

Weather permitting, at 3:05 today (2:05 for those of you NOT sunning yourselves in Florida, of course), the Minnesota Twins and Baltimore Orioles will get the 2018 party started at Camden Yards in Baltimore.

I have to admit, I’ve gone back and forth in my mind this month concerning just how good this year’s Twins could be.

One day, I look at all the excellent work the front office has done with adding critical pieces, especially in the pitching area, and can’t help but be optimistic that the Twins will return to the postseason come October.

The next day, I look at just how good Cleveland’s rotation is and wonder whether the Twins have any chance at all.

Then I realize that Minnesota will get to play about a gazillion games against the Tigers, Royals and White Sox and my optimism returns… at least until I also realize that Cleveland also plays those three teams as many times as the Twins will.

And what if the White Sox young “can’t miss” prospects accelerate that organization’s own development curve?

But then again, if Cleveland has any bad luck at all, the Twins should be right on their heels this season, ready to pounce at the opportunity to steal an AL Central Division title.

See what I mean? My head just spins when I think about this stuff.

Thankfully, all of the “what if” crap can finally be replaced by watching the season all play out on the field.

Let’s get this show on the road!