Knuckleballs go to Target Field

All three of the Knuckleballs, KL, JimCrikket, and CapitalBabs (left-to-right above), attended Saturday’s exhibition game against the Cardinals and rather than going on and on about how great it was, we’re inviting you to view our slideshows.

KL an CapitalBabs viewed the game from the bright sunshine in the dugout boxes alone the third base line while JimCrikket decided to take advantage of the opportunity (most likely the once-in-his-lifetime opportunity) to watch the game from one of the Skyline Suites, also on the third base side.

We hope you enjoy.

Here’s JC’s slideshow:


Here’s CapitalBabs’ pics – she took the family and didn’t do as much touring – but got some great pics from her seat:

A lot of my pics seem a little washed out due to the FABULOUS BRIGHT SUNSHINE!!  but I’m sure we’ll all take many more pictures of the field in months to come!