Here’s the Last Day to Vote for Delmon – this year.


I find it a bit entertaining that I’m doing anything to further encourage the All-Star game.  I don’t HATE it, mind you.  I just have huge isues with something that is purely a popularity contest and then pretends that it can somehow “represent” all teams and set itself up as important to baseball.  And I felt this way BEFORE Justin Morneau was treated so shamefully during his HR derby win.

But all that being said, it IS a popularity contest.  It isn’t about skill or we wouldn’t have forced representation from teams and we wouldn’t have Omar Infante on any AS team – although I’m sure he’s a nice guy.  We also wouldn’t be having a discussion about Strasburg participating.  Whatever your feelings about whether it should or shouldn’t be this way or how players are chosen, it is what it is.

And what it is is a reflection on Twins fans.  Delmon Young is finally having a season we have been waiting for.  One where we actually get excited when he comes up to bat – one where we don’t hide our head in our hands everytime a fly is hit to LF – one where there are blogger arguments about how he should be higher in the batting order!!!  Come ON, Twins fans!  This is our boy on the ballot. 


Let’s get out there and click submit – we have until 3 pm Central today to vote.


Again, click the button above and it will take you to the ballot!

3 Replies to “Here’s the Last Day to Vote for Delmon – this year.”

  1. I’ve been voting early and often (just like Chicago Democrats) the last couple of nights, but after last night’s collision with Denard (does Span HATE his team mates’ wrists or something?), I think I might actually prefer that DY take the 3 days off next week. Honestly, I’m even feeling kind of the same way about Justin and Joe, neither of which are 100% healthy right now. Maybe we all should be voting for Konerko so he won’t get a chance to recharge his old batteries over the break!

  2. “…we don’t hide our head in our hands everytime a fly is hit to LF …”

    I may not hide my head in my hands, but I still cover my eyes a little bit.

  3. yeah, but Millie, how much of that is because he’s running towards Denard Span? LOL

    He still runs funny and he’s still setting up in poor positions sometimes but the improvements are immense.

    And JC, yeah, I have no hopes at all that he will actually MAKE the AS Game given the totals but I think Twins fans can get him a better result.