GameChat – Blue Jays @ Twins #2, 7:10

The weather tonight is clear and cool – let’s hope it helps keep the Toronto hits from flying out of the ballpark quite as often tonight.  I wouldn’t mind if our favorite mustachiod man could have a hand in that as well.  It’s about time Pavano had really solid start – lots and lots of innings.

I’d ALSO really appreciate it if our own boys could start manufacturing a few more RUNS than they have been able to do lately.  It’ really good to see Jim Thome’s name back in the batting order!  I think the song made him feel better. 😀

Toronto @ Minnesota
Snider, LF   Span, CF
Escobar, Y, SS   Hardy, SS
Bautista, J, RF   Mauer, C
Wells, V, CF   Young, D, LF
Overbay, 1B   Thome, DH
Hill, A, 2B   Cuddyer, 1B
Lind, DH   Kubel, RF
Buck, J, C   Valencia, 3B
Encarnacion, 3B   Punto, 2B
Romero, R, P   Pavano, P


  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 R H E
Toronto 0 0 0 0 1 0 1 4 0 6 13 0
Minnesota 0 1 0 0 0 1 0 0 1 3 9 1


It’s entirely possible that this is my (KL) first post-game wrap of the season. It’s also entirely possible that I suck at blogging.

Fortunately, we learned tonight that the Twins still don’t suck at baseball. No, they didn’t win and we didn’t get to choose a BOD, but at least there were some good things happening that left us feeling a little less concerned. Pavano had a good start, we actually had the lead for a good part of the game, Mauer stayed in even after Pavano left the game despite reports that he wouldn’t (presumably because the knee is feeling pretty good), two of the Twins’ nine hits were home runs (just too bad they were both solo shots), and after Plouffe’s home run in the bottom of the ninth the Twins showed a good bit of energy. Cuddy doubles, Kubel singles and sends Cuddy to 3rd . . . and then Valencia pops out to the catcher for the third out. But hey, they were still into the game and that counts for something, right?

A new baseball-themed rock song!

So Seth Stohs shared a new anthem honoring Jim Thome on his site today that I thought was worth passing along.  I have pretty strict standards and have been pretty unimpressed with this year’s offerings.  I appear to be one of the few people in the Twin Cities who really dislikes Just Don’t Call Them Twinkies.  I can honestly say that I think the GB Leighton anthem is better – and that is saying a lot.  Why do these theme songwriters seem to believe that the more important words they can squeeze into a phrase makes it a better song no matter how much it disrupts a natural musical flow???

At any rate, this new one is not a GREAT song in my opinion but it’s SOLID and entertaining and better than just about anything that has come out recently.  Why?  because it doesn’t try to do too much.  It’s simple and clean in approach and succeeds because of it.  Funny, I’ve heard that is what makes a good hitter.