New Year’s Sunday Morning Comic Relief

Happy New Year!

Bring on 2012!

So for all of us Twins Fans, 2011 was a year we’d rather forget (baseball speaking at least) so that leaves us looking forward to what 2012 can do to be different. Frankly, it would be so difficult to be worse that I’m optimistic just on principle! But from all of us here at Knuckleballs, we also wish you a wonderful 2012 in your personal lives as well. For me, 2011 was so momentous that it will be difficult to top so if my favorite baseball team can improve on their performance and I get to see a bit more baseball than I could squeeze in to everything I had going last year than I will count that as a big step up!

But since New Year’s Day is smack in the dead middle of the off-season, here’s a bit of a fun reminder of baseball season for us fans!