GameChat – Red Sox @ Twins, 7:10 pm

I always look forward to when the Red Sox come to town.. mostly because I can’t help giggling at Youk’s batting stance. I find myself wondering each and every time what a lifetime series of batting coaches said to him and if any of them have any hair left…

At any rate, let’s hope the Twins can pull together the defense and hitting and give Marquis as good an opportunity for a win as they did last time.



Aviles, SS Span, CF
Sweeney, RF Carroll, SS
Pedroia, 2B Mauer, C
Gonzalez, Ad, 1B Willingham, DH
Ortiz, DH Morneau, 1B
Youkilis, 3B Doumit, RF
Saltalamacchia, C Valencia, 3B
Ross, C, LF Parmelee, LF
Byrd, CF Plouffe, 2B
  Lester, P   Marquis, P
  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 R H E
Boston 1 2 0 0 0 0 2 0 1 6 12 2
Minnesota 0 0 0 4 1 0 0 0 0 5 8 0

That’s the kind of loss that just leaves you frustrated. You get a leadoff runner on 3B in the 8th with 3-4-5 coming up and you don’t get him across the plate. Then you give up a HR in the top of 9. I guess if there’s a silver lining, it was seeing Danny Valencia with a HR of his own, along with some good glove work at 3B. Denard Span and Jamey Carroll turned in some web gems of their own, so I guess there is that.

Tuesday brings the return of Nick Blackburn. From what I could tell, the Red Sox really ARE as bad as their results have been lately, so there’s still some hope for a win or two this week. – JC

Twins Still Mismanaging Injuries

When the Twins demoted former General Manager Bill Smith and put Terry Ryan back in charge last fall, one of the first issues the fans and media raised with Ryan was with regard to the medical staff and, in particular, how mismanagement had resulted in some really poor use of the Disabled List. Ryan indicated there would be changes to how things were done, but, in the end, made no staffing changes in that area.

Early on this season, it’s hard to see evidence of improvement. In fact, this past week, we have seen evidence that the Twins are just as capable of screwing up DL decisions as they were a year ago and this time it cost them a ballplayer.

Starting pitcher Nick Blackburn left the game on Saturday, April 14, when he experienced “cramping” in his pitching shoulder during the 6th inning. The next day, Ryan reported that Blackburn had undergone an MRI that was “normal,” and that Blackburn felt, “OK… stiff.”

Jason Marquis was being reactivated so the Twins had the luxury of giving Blackburn an extra day or two of rest. But, of course, that’s not what they did. They wanted to have him throw a bit to make sure the shoulder was “OK.” Then, they wanted him to throw a full bullpen session on Sunday to REALLY make sure he was “OK.”

After all of that, they announced Blackburn would take the mound for a start this Thursday, April 26… twelve days after he left the game during his last start. [CORRECTION: Blackburn will start TUESDAY, 10 days after his last start. The point remains, the Twins will get one more start out of him than they would have had he been put on the DL – JC]

It will be nice to get Nick back, of course. But that’s only part of the story.

When Marquis rejoined the team in New York, the Twins had to make room for him on their roster. They chose not to put Blackburn on the 15-day Disabled List, but instead designated infielder Luke Hughes for assignment, knowing full well it was likely that Hughes had demonstrated enough ability to swing a baseball bat that he’d be claimed by another MLB team.

Ultimately, that’s exactly what happened. Hughes was claimed by the Oakland Athletics over the weekend.

What did the Twins benefit from losing Hughes? Blackburn gets a start on Thursday Tuesday instead of having to wait THREE FIVE more days to make his next start.

Look, Luke Hughes is not likely to become an All Star infielder in Oakland. With Brian Dozier knocking on the door in Rochester, maybe Hughes’ days with the Twins were numbered anyway. But by mismanaging yet another medical issue, the team essentially gave away a Major League level infielder so that Nick Blackburn could pitch after resting his shoulder 12 10 days instead of 15 days.

Oh, and by the way, the Twins medics still have no friggin’ clue what caused Blackburn’s shoulder to “cramp” in the first place.

In the mean time, the team has two starting infielders, Danny Valencia and Alexi Casilla, who have been completely and utterly lost at the plate (both have an OPS under .520). No, Hughes hadn’t done anything yet to indicate he might do better, but then he’d only gotten to the plate 11 times in the four games in which he’d seen action.

My point isn’t to suggest that Luke Hughes was too good to lose… but he was too good to lose simply because the Twins still haven’t figured out how to manage their medical situation and use the Disabled List appropriately.

Terry Ryan, you still have some work to do on that score.

– JC