If This Is Journalism, I’d Rather Be a Blogger

I’ve decided that, from now on, every time a “professional journalist” gets all high and mighty about how we’re “just bloggers,” we need to send them this clip.

Stop and think about it… Major League Baseball teams don’t want to acknowledge the blogging community includes “real” journalists so you won’t find them making their ballplayers available for interviews with us low-lifes.

But the St. Louis Cardinals apparently have no problem making their talent endure something like this from one of the local “professional journalists.”


OK, I couldn’t figure out how to keep the damn video clip from starting over every time I refreshed the page and I couldn’t bear to keep listening to that woman… so if you want to try to watch the video, you’ll just have to click HERE to see it.

6 Replies to “If This Is Journalism, I’d Rather Be a Blogger”

  1. I made it 48 seconds in and challenge anyone to do better.
    Warning: this clip is like that movie “The Ring.”

  2. AW, I did not even make it that long, I turned it off when she said, “We’re going to hit on you, heavily.” 39 seconds. I have no idea how you managed to hang around for 9 more seconds.

  3. In the interest of journalistic integrity, I felt I could not post it without viewing the whole thing.

    Curse you, journalistic integrity!

  4. favorite part of the clip: Bimbo – “I think my hair was in my face the whole time!” David – “that’s how it should be”