Knuckleballs Podcast with Phil Naessens

It’s kind of funny but all the Knuckleballs staff here finally did a group outing with the whole crew – of course, since we’re in three different states, it would have to be online and funnier yet, we did it with a guy in Greece!

Phil Naessens is an American abroad running his own US Sports Blog/Podcast called the Phil Naessens Show. I’m constantly amazed at the number of people outside the state of Minnesota who participate with Knuckleballs but outside the country really blows my mind. He’s a regular commenter here in the off-season so you may have seen his name before but if you haven’t had a chance to check out his blog, you should definitely do so.

Last night – during the first part of the game – we all had a chance to Skype with him to record a podcast. I have to admit, it’s my first time EVER doing something like that and I don’t think I was alone. KL also felt a little on the spot but I think he was pretty kind in his interview questions over all so we didn’t sound like QUITE the idiots we were worried about… it was also his first time doing a whole group – so we were all experimenting on what could have been a complete free-for-all.

I hope you will give it a listen! May 8th Podcast. You can either listen to his whole broadcast piece or skip ahead to about the 42 minute mark and listen to us… Hope you enjoy it and feel free to give us some ideas about what you might want to hear from us next time!

2 Replies to “Knuckleballs Podcast with Phil Naessens”

  1. Heh. KL felt a bit on the spot because on her list of priorities right now, baseball isn’t quite as high as she’d like, though that will hopefully shift a bit in the next few days.

    I tried to make sure I was up to speed on at least basic recent Twins news, but wasn’t expecting questions about the AL Central or AL overall… Oh, well. My voice was also messed up due to the cold that keeps hanging on, but at least I could talk!

    I think the closest thing I’ve ever done is that a couple months ago, I gave a talk (with PowerPoint slides!) to a genealogy group in Second Life. I could speak or type (with prepared text ready to copy and paste), but chose to speak since it’d go a lot faster answering questions on the fly. However, it wasn’t recorded, so I have no idea how I sounded. I can’t decide if I want to listen to this podcast or not because I’ve always hated how my voice sounds outside of my head. (I also can’t seem to get recent episodes to show up when I search on the podcatcher on my phone so I can listen on my commute, so it’s going to have to wait until I’m home in any case.)