Because Twins Baseball Has Just Been THAT Hard To Watch

Decided that I would share something completely unrelated to baseball that can’t help but bring a smile to your face given how rare the smiles have been during Twins games lately… ┬áCall it momentary distraction!

3 Replies to “Because Twins Baseball Has Just Been THAT Hard To Watch”

  1. I think that baseball fans appear to be more laid back in America than in a few other countries. In Korea, the fans are as energetic and entertaining as American football fans.

  2. I don’t know if laid back is the correct word for Twins fans right now.. dejected, resigned, depressed.. those all might be more descriptive of the actual situation. I’ve seen Twins fans be as excited for their team as any sport fans in the world (I don’t know if they get as ANGRY in MN but they do for some other regions of the US).

    We have the same reaction to our American Football team.. sadly, for the same reasons…

  3. I can’t believe you find it funny that a wild beast was turned loose to maul that poor boy, who was clearly screaming for help while the photographer just stood by filming!

    Or is it possible that this cold and the crummy baseball have just left me seeing everything slightly in a negative light?