Random craftiness of a baseball orientation…

This is totally silly ground to cover in a baseball blog but here goes anyway.  I’m not really a baseball souvenier collector – mostly because the last thing I need is more STUFF that just sits there!  So my baseball stuff generally can be found in the category of  “wearable”  or I don’t really have any place for it. 

But..  Over the years, there have been a few things that I have collected, definitely don’t want to throw away, but don’t have any place to put.  So cool things like my ticket stubs to Game 1 of the ’91 World Series and a few other favorite games or special give-aways have been relegated to junk drawers and the back shelf of the closet.  That’s just not acceptable.

Well the last 6 months of housing remodel involved many possibilities that coalesced into a plan for a ribbon board.  You know, one of those fancy tack boards that you just tuck stuff back behind and such??  Let me say, that’s just about as girly as I get – considering I have never had one in my life, the fact that I thought to make one at all surprises me.

Detour:  Making anything involving several yards of ribbon and tacks when you are under the supervision (and interruption) of two cats is an adventure. 

But after several layouts, changes, disturbances and re-layouts, a final product in Twins colors was achieved:

gave up on multi-colored ribbons and went with white with the colored tacks.

THEN I had to dig out all my stuff and start loading it up and put it on the wall.

finally have a place to put those construction helmets and that's my 2009 game 162 scorecard in the middle. Sadly, my game 163 scorecard got left in the metrodome restroom *SHAME*

And finally, this is how it all fits in (the planned open space on the wall even!) and please ignore the fully-loaded desk.  I told you I didn’t need any more STUFF.

March is a good month for the Twins calendar.. *shiver*

But now I finally feel like a complete baseball fan!  I have baseball collectables displayed instead of stowed away!  I will sleep a little better tonight.

12 Replies to “Random craftiness of a baseball orientation…”

  1. The problem is… now that you have a place for the “stuff”, you’re going to keep adding stuff to it… until one board won’t be big enough for all your stuff.

    And there’s no way that you’re going to get bobbleheads to stick to that board! 🙂

  2. That looks awesome. I need to do something like that in my family room!

    (Ribbons with cats is interesting. I’m making a wedding veil for a friend. I’ve had lots of lengths of ribbon “pre-cut” for me…)

  3. heh.. JC, I solved that problem by giving all my bobbleheads to KL and giving you the statues! So you shouldn’t complain about that lack of space problem too much.

    Beth, the fun of laying out ribbon and having it moved for me repeatedly was too much. *snort*

  4. Chew, I would love to see that! Maybe we could get a collection together of how people handle their collections! Feel free to send me photos – I’d love to see.

  5. “that’s my 2010 game 162 scorecard in the middle.”

    Wow.. you’ve got a 2010 game 162 scorecard already?

  6. Would it be breaking the space/time continuum to see the 2010 post-season stuff you have, Captain? 😉

  7. heh… I could get creative with photoshop! Or we can just follow along all season together. It’s going to be great!