Spring Training Photo Montage!

Thanks to the contributions of several viewers, we have a great collection of photos from Spring Training to celebrate the end of Grape Fruit League play.  I had to go through more than 250 pictures to grab the ones  I really liked – and that was the “favorites” of the submitters already.  From what I have been told, I think it’s entirely possible that nearly 5000 pictures were taken in FL by the folk who sent me photos.  I really hope you enjoy the slideshows.

Here’s the Major Leagues!

My only regret seems to come from the fact that my fellow Twins fans don’t seem to have near the appreciation (facination? obsession?) with JJ Hardy that I have – WHERE ARE THE HOTTY PICS??  *sigh*

Here’s the Minor League shots so you have something to look forward to! You might see some of them sooner rather than later.

Special thanks to JimCrikket, Corey Sauer, Patty Roth Liming, and Jan McGuire!