GameChat – Yankees @ Twins, 5:00pm, ALDS #2

OK, let’s see what they got today.  I expect another game of serious competitive baseball!

NY Yankees @ Minnesota
Jeter, SS   Span, CF
Granderson, CF   Hudson, O, 2B
Teixeira, 1B   Mauer, C
Rodriguez, A, 3B   Young, D, LF
Cano, 2B   Thome, DH
Swisher, RF   Cuddyer, 1B
Posada, C   Kubel, RF
Berkman, DH   Valencia, 3B
Gardner, LF   Hardy, SS
Pettitte, P   Pavano, P

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 R H E
NY Yankees 0 0 0 1 1 0 2 0 1 5 12 0
Minnesota 0 1 0 0 0 1 0 0 0 2 6 0


It’s frustrating for all of us. I’m not sure what’s more frustrating… the impotent bats or the way everyone and everything associated with MLB seems to conspire to assure the f’ing Yankees advance as far as possible in the post-season. I mean… I get it… the money guys only pay big bucks if New York is involved. But seriously, does that mean you have to assign the biggest dickheads in the MLB umpiring corps to assure that they not only have twice as much money to spend on payroll but also get every break possible from dicks like Hunter Wendelstedt?

But even if Bud Selig and his buddies are conspiring to do everything possible to assure the Yankees progress to the World Series, that’s no excuse for most of the Twins hitters to bend over and take it. I’m absolutely disgusted by the demeanor and attitude of this ballclub right now. It’s not everyone. Pavano gave a noble effort. The relief pitchers did their jobs. But where the hell is the heart of this batting order? They have no heart, apparently. Maybe it’s time to consider getting rid of some of these guys this off season and worrying less about who’s a “good guy” and more about who’s willing and able to show some guts and stand up to the damn Yankees.

I guess for now we just sit back and try to enjoy what’s left of this season… and hope that someone on this team will “grow a pair” in New York. – JC

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  1. As long as we’re invoking magic ‘staches and such . . . Here’s my plea to the baseball gods & goddesses: Please mix up a magic “don’t let up” elixir for my Twins. We saw it last night and we’ve seen it all season, they get a lead, or win two games of a series, and they let up a bit. That may work against some opponents and it may work over the long term of a season, BUT IT WILL NOT WORK AGAINST THE YANKEES. Sure, on a rare occasion someone like Kubel comes up and hits a granny . . . but do you really want to rely on that in the postseason? . . . I don’t. So PLEASE baseball gods and goddesses all around Twins Territory…send the message “Don’t Let Up”. Thanks for your consideration, I’m pouring a magic elixir just for you 🙂

  2. Apparently the Yankees fans are also complaining about the “biased” umpiring (even though they are winning) . . . in searching for some other information I stumbled onto a Yankees blog that was swearing up and down about Wendelstadt and his strike zone . . . kind of cracked me up a bit . . .

    I like good guys too . . . just wish they could be good and fierce at the same time . . .

    Also, thanks to Babs for adding the comment subscription option . . . it’s working great!

  3. Yeah she’s useful to have around sometimes.

    I like ‘good guys’, too, jamar. But at some point, they have to be willing to show some competitive fortitude, too, and I’m not seeing much of that. What ever happened to guys who could be nice guys in the clubhouse and anywhere outside the lines… but between the lines, they would claw for every win? I don’t see that kind of determination in many of these Twins right now.

  4. If I were the Twins’ GM, Denard Span, JJ Hardy, Jason Kubel and even Joe Mauer should be nervous about where they’re going to be playing baseball next year unless they start showing something resembling intestinal fortitude in New York.

  5. agreed JC . . . though IMHO the whole team, including coaches and manager could use a big batch of gumption juice

    Sidenote to Babs . . . are you using “Subscribe to Comments” or some other addon? or was the comment reply feature just part of your comet/renegade theme? Thanks!

  6. Since when are “Fierce competitor” and “nice guy” mutually exclusive? Just saying, I prefer to root for nice guys (yes….EVEN Jason Kubel). So sue me.

    Anywhoooo….everyone knows FIERCE is for runway models…ask Tyra. 🙂

  7. yes, I added the “subscribe to comments” plugin – it was the most functional and least intrusive. Glad it is working well. The addon for the other blog administrators was different – had to add two to do what we wanted.